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Okay I’m feeling better now.

I wanted a break away from unhappiness now it’s just going right back to me.

I don’t want to doubt.

Ugh, tomorrow my mom wants me to contact my counselor.

The deadline to register and pay for my Dual Credit class is June 30th and I highly doubt my counselor is willing to help during the Summer.

God every problem just didn’t end. The whole fiasco with my parents just had to be revisited when I mom brought it up in conversation and even though she said the situation is fine I don’t like thinking about “the worse that can happen.”

I’m choking up and just going to cry again because that’s all I can do. Give up and cry and hope for a better day when everyone else sees me as a childish crybaby.

Let me rant about… More… Calming things I guess:

My journey in Okami fandom

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In other frucking news, I’m already a “college” student since I had to go through the fucking process.

Let’s just hope it stays that way when I graduate and that enrolling for classes is easier.

god just

this summer fucking sucks.

Well I can’t draw dragons and I’m getting frustrated over that, might as well fucking vent everything out

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I feel that Yumigami does not receive proper credit for being the deity of the moon.

Our relationship as the sun and the moon give us a bit of a friendly rivalry. In some cases the moon goes between the Earth and my light, causing a shadow to appear on the mortal lands known as the eclipse. It’s her own little prank… However, it led humans to panic a long, long time ago when the sun was shadowed for only a few… seconds.

But Yumigami was once the guardian deity to a land veiled in mystery. The tribe gave praise and offerings to the gorgeous light of the moon… But it was but one day that the tribe turned away from Yumigami and shrouded themselves on the other side of the moon.

Then all traces of that tribe disappeared. 

Yumigami remains sorrowful over the day that her people turned to the shadows.
Waka remains silent.

I come from an olden age of time in the lands of the Internet. In my youth, it was tradition to arrange a couple with your Original Character with another fellow’s own “OC” thus sending the user families into wedlock.

There were benefits of these arranged couples. The pay was plenty in drawings of your OC from that artist, multiple acts of roleplaying, and the villagers’ own offerings of fan art and “omg so cute!!! ^_^” commentaries. The offspring would then be put to wed lock, and it continues down for generations to keep the family blood rich and gifted.

Ah yes, a known “Melia Spitfire” was once placed in this situation when I noticed that she did “not has a luver!! :(” and sought the perfect suiters of her dragon kin. Oh the names… Spike and Thorn are the only I can recall of those old fashion times.

Nowadays it is much more beneficial to just write in a perfectly balanced character and make your own relationship blossom as it wills the new age of “Free OC Love.”

It has been around two weeks. My plot to have total domination over the Okami fandom is coming to fruition.

Soon, the fanbase will be under the control of VERGOLOPHUS!! MUAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA….

…. Which consists of Weeaboos and Wolfaboos.


Jurassic World confirmed for 2015.